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Testing & Analysis

labTEX Services offers an efficient and cost-effective testing services that will expedite your testing needs and reduce your business risks.We offer variety of service ranges with different time durations. These are as below:

Regular Service: 4 days

Our Regular service takes usually for 4 working days and there is no extra surcharge for this service.



Express Service: 3 days

Express Service is for a bit quicker service than the regular service as it takes 3 working days. There is a surcharge of 30% for Express Service.


Emergency Service: 2 days

This service takes 2 working days and 60% surcharge is applicable.


Shuttle Service: 24 hours (1 day)

It is an exclusive service that labTEX Services does. Shuttle Service takes only 1 working day or 24 hours or even same day if the test time allows. There is a service surcharge of 100% for this service.


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